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Native British Wildflower Plug Plants


Native British Wildflower Plug Plants are available grown in a peat free environment in a purpose built nursery. Chose from 300 Native British species of flora derived from fully known British provenance  – according to the rules of Flora Locale.

Seed comes from either our own seed bank or from trusted fellow Flora Locale subscribing sources.

For habitat creation, remediation or native species green roofs, to create a wildflower meadow or wildflower lawn.Our compost contains a starter charge of fertiliser that ensures a controlled release of nutrients to ensure rapid establishment.

Our plugs are a developed plant not a seedling

Available as: Jumbo Plugs 65cc – Ready to Plant Out!

New  for 2015 – Available for Retail  – Delivery Late Summer 

Minimum order: 1 Tray of 84 Plugs on Retail or Small Orders

Choose from a tray selection for different soil types/ habitat or for more information  – go to our:

For other sizes of plant, CONTRACT GROWN, LARGE or TRADE Orders – Contact Sales Office