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MMC PRO Moss Killer

MMC-Pro – Moss Killer

Product Description

The easiest and most effective way to treat and prevent mould, algae and moss on all hard surfaces. No Pressure Washing or Scrubbing Required. Just dilute and apply – end of job.

MMC-Pro moss killer is a dynamic combination anti-viral/anti-bacterial disinfectant, fungicide/algaecide and detergent. It kills mould, algae and moss in typically 2-4 days, and has a slow cleaning action in the following weeks and months.

MMC-Pro moss killer is suitable for use on all exterior hard surfaces including drives, roofs, paths, tennis courts, artificial turf, concrete, tarmac & block paving.

Depending on the nature of the surface, dilution rate applied and natural weathering, the product will generally prevent re-growth for approximately 9 months (and longer on absorbent surfaces such as timber fencing)

MMC-Pro moss killer is readily biodegradable, PH-neutral, contains no bleach or acids, and is fully HSE-approved.

Application & Instructions

MMC Pro is applied in a simple, quick and easy to follow three step process.

  • Step 1: Dilute in a knapsack sprayer for best results (or even a watering can)
  • Step 2: Apply – saturate the surface
  • Step 3: End of job – don’t brush it in or hose it off

Dilution Rates:

Dilution rate1 : 41 : 9
Total dilute25 litres50 litres
75-100 m2150-200 m2
175+ m2350+ m2

When treating Moss, ensure you apply MMC-Pro such that it is in contact with the moss stem structure and not just outer foliage.

To treat a standard size tennis court at the recommended dilution rate, 5 tubs of MMC Pro Moss Killer are required.

Coverage Rate:
Applied with a knapsack sprayer, the standard coverage rate should be 4-5 m² per litre of dilute.

Operating Conditions:
Apply on dry surfaces and leave it for 3-5 hours so that the chemical can work effectively.

Key Precautions
Approved under the control of pesticides regulation 1986 for use as directed. HSE 7824. Use MMC-Pro safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Contact with plant life should be minimised. Limited run-off or over-spray onto grass, soil or hardy plants will not normally cause damage, and where heavier run-off or over-spray has occurred, the area should simply be flooded with fresh water.

Pets and unprotected persons should be kept off the treated surfaces until the product has first dried (typically 3-5 hours).

Please note: in continually dry conditions the dead moss and its roots can remain attached to the surface, in which case we recommend brushing off dead growth after watering/rainfall.

MMC-Pro Information and Dilution Rates
MMC-Pro User Guidelines

Before and After

MMC Pro Moss Killer Before and After