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Candy Floss Wildflower Mix

UM3 – Candy Floss Mix

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Product Description

*NEW FOR 2017*

This mix is bursting with bright vibrant coloured flowers. As the mixture grows the colour combination begins to change with a variety of purples, red, yellows mixed with the pastel baby blue and whites which add to the eye catching effect of this candy floss mix!

Recommended Sowing Time : Spring

Mixture Contains:
Alyssum (white)
Calendula (mixed)
Chrysanthenmum carinatum (mixed)
Cornflower (purple)
Gypsophilia (white)
Eschscholzia (mixed)
Iberis amara (white)
Linaria (mixed)
Coreopsis tinc (mixed)
Linum rubrum
Linum (blue)
Field Poppy
Chrysanthemum segetum

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