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Brush Harvesting Service for Local Seed


Product Description

Top News for Our Customers – Obtaining LOCAL ORIGIN SEED  to restore native grasslands 

Phoenix Amenity Supplies is KEEPING IT LOCAL by offering Seed  Brush Harvesting as a service to customers.

The local seed is collected by brush harvester from a donor site – processed ready for sowing and stored if necessary in approved seed storage conditions –  all ready to be transplanted to another local area by conventional seeding methods or by hydroseeding – All to keep the native plant species thriving in your LOCAL area.

Tips/ Information on Brush Harvesting:

The brush harvester collects seed but does not cut the grass, so the hay can be cut afterwards. Some loss of hay quality may occur, if the normal hay-cut is delayed. Landowners are normally paid a premium to compensate for this.

The meadow to be harvested (the donor site.) will normally be ready in mid-July (southern/central England) or late July-early August (upland Britain). This is when the main grasses, such as Crested Dogs-tail and Meadow Foxtail hold ripe seed, and the Hay Rattle seed is still on the plants.

The seed mixture that is collected will only include seed of plants which hold ripe seed at the time of harvesting. Missed species will usually include Ladies Bedstraw, Devils-bit Scabious and Meadowsweet as well as some early-flowering plants. Brush-harvesting is a fair-weather operation that must be carried out in dry weather, and once the morning dew has evaporated.

(Flora Locale)

Type of harvester available – Trailed. (Rate:2 ha per day –  sufficient to sow 5 ha)