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Wildflowers Seeding Advice

Wildflowers Seeding Advice Creating a wildflower spectacle in your garden from wildflower seed is not as difficult as it may seem. What you need is an infertile spot in the sun into which you can sow Phoenix Amenity Cornfield Annuals 100% Wildflower Seed Mix  – to create the display shown in the picture (below). Sowing the

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Conservation Grassland Seed Mix – New For 2015

Conservation Grassland Seed Mix – Suitable for Golf Roughs Phoenix Amenity Supplies has recognised the many benefits to wildlife and conservation of letting the grass grow long. Our low-maintenance grass seed mixes have traditionally been used for golf roughs and for areas that are difficult to mow, but it is important to notice that in

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Bron Afon – Bee World Project 2015

Bron Afon –   Another Year On Wildflowers for wildlife project – Bron Afon and Bee World Project from Friends of the Earth “Bron Afon – It’s a Small – “Bee World” 2014 Bron Afon – a social enterprise established for Torfaen Council tenants – created four “Bee Worlds” with the help of MD – Chris

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Online Grass Seed Sales Continue to Grow

Online Grass Seed Sales – Buying Trends Move Towards Online Sales  Phoenix Amenity Supplies moved towards online grass seed sales 2 years ago. Since that time we have seen a steady increase in selling some of our grass seed online. The same is true of wildflower seed. With free delivery and the availability of next day

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Christmas Message

We would like to thank all of our customers at Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd for their continued support over the past year. We would like to wish everyone a From: Chris Baker MD and all of the Staff



November 20 , 2014 | Posted by Anna |

ORDER NOW:Tree Canes, Supports and Spirals as Prices Lowered

Tree Canes, Tree Supports and  Tree Spirals on Special Offer – ORDER NOW! After the recent irregular warm spell,  the weather is now expected to get colder at the start of next week, so that should begin the tree planting cycle for most landscapers. Canes, supports  and tree spirals are available from Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd

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October 6 , 2014 | Posted by Anna |

A Walk on the Wild-Flower Side!

Wildflowers – Road Verges, Parks and Social Housing Projects

Having recently seen the results of sowing wildflowers around areas of social housing, in parks and along road verges, has made me more aware of just how much I find enormous enjoyment in seeing wildflowers. Two of Phoenix Amenity Supplies Ltd landscaping clients have sent us photographs of their social housing projects where they are experimenting with sowing areas of wildflowers for which we have supplied the seed mixtures. These new projects have created an added interest for the landscapers too! There is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction I suspect in watching the wildflowers take hold and develop through the summer. Their photographs stand as a testament to the achievement they feel.