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Trackguard is a tough reusable mesh panel which is designed to protect grassed areas from damage by heavy vehicles. It is ideally suited for providing access to construction TrackGuardsites or for areas such as caravan parks. Trackguard provides extra grip for both wheeled and tracked vehicles. It can also be used in the entrance to farms and field gateways.

The TrackGuard weighs in at less than 10kg per panel, but can support vehicles up to a weight of 20 tonnes depending on the ground conditions.

TrackGuard is simple and easy to install. Simply lay the panel down and secure with the fixing pins.
These panels can be used as a temporary floor surface to provide protection or it can be left in postion to allow the grass to grow through and create a hard and stable green surface.

Size: 2.05m x 1.2m panels
Colour: Black
Material: HDPE
Weight: 9.84kg per panel (4kg per Sq.M)

To secure TrackGuard to the ground it is advised to use 8mm fixing pins. If securing the TrackGuard, then it is approximatley 12 pins per panel.

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