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TR-Flex – Turf Reinforcement Mesh

TR-Flex is a lightweight flexible mesh which can be used for many applications such as lawn protection, embankment stabilisation and anti-ball plugging on Golf ranges and also as a support mesh under rubber matting.

TR-Flex is ideal for areas which have light traffic use or moderate pedestrian use, but It can also be used in construction of new turf areas or installed onto existing turf. However, it is strongly advised that the ground on which you wish to apply the TR-flex, be firm and well drained before installing.

For the best results, TR-Flex should be installed when the grass will grow quickly through the filaments creating a root mass.
The protected area will soon be back to a natural grassed surface while the mesh protects TR Flex 2the root mass below.

Sizes Available: 1m x 10m, 2m x 30m rolls.

U-Pins (25pins)
U-Pins (100pins)

J-Pins (100pins)

25 Pins per roll (1m x 10m)
100 Pins per roll (2m x 30m)

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