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Timbrel Herbicide

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Timbrel herbicide can be used in a variety of ways throughout the year, depending on the season and the target species. It is rapidly absorbed and translocated throughout the plant preventing growth of unwanted vegetation.

Benefits of Timbrel Herbicide
Developed specifically for use in forestry, woodlands and on non-crop land to selectively remove undesirable weeds without harming grass cover, Timbrel herbicide is a key ingredient in overall vegetation management programmes.

  • Reliable control of problem invasive woody species and deep rooted perennial weeds.
  • Year round application with a six-week planting interval.
  • Does not harm grass.
  • Product becomes rainfast within two hours.
  • Degrades rapidly into the soil to leave no harmful residues.
  • Effective rhododendron control.

Timbrel herbicide has short persistence in water and soil because of the action of sunlight and micro-organisms. It does not leave harmful residues in the soil and does not pose an environmental hazard through leaching.

Application Information

Timbrel Herbicide Application Rates

Different Treatment Types
There are four different ways to treat problem weeds with ‘Timbrel’, allowing maximum flexibility with application timing.

Foliage sprays
Designed for brush and shrub clearance, when woody and perennial herbaceous weeds are actively growing in the spring or summer.

Winter shoot sprays
For application to scrub and invader species during their winter dormancy.

Cut stump treatment
Used to prevent regrowth of trees following felling or pruning at any time of the year except during spring sap flow.

Stem treatment
Allows year round applications – either by basal bark application, frill girdling or tree injection.

Timbrel can be applied using vehicle mounted or hand-held equipment.

Active Ingredient: 667g/L triclopyr butoxy ethyl ester (480g/L triclopyr acid equivalent).

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