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Solusorb Water Retention Granules

Phoenix Solusorb water storing granules are extremely useful in soils where the natural water retention is low. The addition of small amounts of Solusorb to, for example, sandy soils, significantly increases the water available at low moisture levels. The use of Solusorb increases plant survival rates, by allowing a more efficient use of water resources. Solusorb can also help to decrease erosion by forming a crust at the soil surface.

As Solusorb enhances root development, soil stability is also improved with greater root mass. Solusorb is also used as an additive to growing media such as Peat.

Incorporating Solusorb into a growing medium can  result in the following benefits:-

  • Reduced water consumption and watering frequency
  • Lower plant failure rates
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced losses due to ‘transplant shock’

Solusorb can absorb approximately 350 times its weight in water.

Application Rate: 1g per litre or 1kg per cubic metre into compost or backfill.
Pack Size: 25kgs

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