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Sportsmaster Renovator Pro Weed, Feed and Moss Killer

Sportsmaster Scotts Everris Renovator Pro

A mini-granular weed, feed and mosskiller for use on amenity turf.

Scotts Sportsmaster Renovator Pro is a triple-action product. As well as providing essential nutrients to promote growth and improve colour, Scotts Renovator Pro contains three selective herbicides giving a useful level of control of common broad-leaved weeds. In addition, contains Iron for the control of moss, and rapid green-up of the turf.

Benefits of Everris (Scotts) Sportsmaster Renovator Pro:

  • Triple-action, mini-granular, compound fertilizer.
  • For use on outfields, fairways and other recreational areas.
  • Three selective herbicides control common broad-leaved weeds.

Everris (previously Scotts) Sportsmaster Renovator Pro will control common turf weeds including Cat’s Ear, Creeping Buttercup, Daisies and White Clover. Dandelions and Plantains are moderately susceptible. Resistant weeds are Common Bird’s-Foot Trefoil, Field Woodrush and Mind-your-own-business.

N:P:K – 14-0-5 + 6% Fe + Herbicide
Active ingredients: +0.49%w/w mecoprop-P +16.3%w/w ferrous sulphate
Bag Size: 25kg
Application Rate: 35g/m²
Bag Coverage: 714m² / 7,685ft²
Suggested Use Period: April – September