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Everris (Scotts) Cleanrun Pro – Weed and Feed Fertiliser

Sportsmaster Scotts Everris Cleanrun Pro

A weed and feed fertilizer for fairways, sports pitches and other recreational areas.

Everris (Previously Scotts) Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro is a mini-granular compound fertilizer containing three selective herbicides for a combined weed and feed application.

The organic based formulation ensures the granules break down in a few days, rather than staying undisturbed on the turf surface for weeks. This results in the nutrients feeding the grass soon after application, as well as reducing the risk of scorch and mower pick-up.

Benefits of Everris (Scotts) Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro:

  • Double-action, mini-granular, compound fertilizer.
  • For use on outfields, fairways and other recreational areas.
  • Three selective herbicides control common broad-leaved weeds.

Everris (Scotts) Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro will control common turf weeds including Plantains, Common Mouse-ear, Common Chickweed, Creeping Buttercup, Thrift and Dandelions.

Some difficult to control weeds such as Daisies, White Clover, Yarrow and Yellow Suckling Clover may not be killed by a single application and a second application can be applied 4-6 weeks after the first.

N:P:K – 10+2+4 + Herbicide
Active Ingredients: 0.49% w/w MCPA + 0.29%w/w mecoprop-P.
Bag Size: 25kg
Application Rate: 35g/m²
Bag Coverage: 714m² / 7,685ft²
Suggested Use Period: April – September