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Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mix

Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Mixture

This mixture provides a dense hard wearing sward giving many years of grazing. The Creeping Red Fescue content helps to minimise poaching damage. A simple long term grazing ley, suitable for a range of conditions and ideal for returning disturbed areas back to agricultural use after soil works. Will provide grazing for all classes of stock and is suitable for hay and silage production. Once sown it will offer a quality fodder for many years.

PLEASE NOTE:We do not include any tetraploid Rye Grass varieties in this mix because it can be detrimental to equine species digestive systems.

  • 5kg Amenity Perennial Ryegrass
  • 3kg Early Diploid Ryegrass
  • 2.5kg Intermediate Tetraploid Ryegrass
  • 2.00 kg Creeping Red Fescue
  • 1.50 kg Timothy
  • 14.00 kg per acre

We can also offer mixed herbs as below to accompany this mixture:
Mixed herbs help to enhance mineral and trace element content within the animals diet.

  • 45% Chicory
  • 9% Ribgrass
  • 20% Sheeps Burnet
  • 20% Sheeps Parsley
  • 6% Yarrow
  • 1.00 kg per Acre