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Permanent Pasture Grass Seed Mix

Permanant Pasture Grass Seed Mix, Mixture

An exceptional hardy and persistent ley mix suited to a minimum 8 to 10 year duration. Packed with top rated diploid perennials to provide a dense bottom to the sward, making this mix ideal for long term grazing with the flexibility to make hay, haylage and silage. Excellent for combined sheep and cattle enterprises.

  • 3.50 kg Intermediate PRG (dip)
  • 2.10 kg Intermediate PRG (tet)
  • 2.80 kg Late PRG (dip)
  • 3.50 kg Late PRG (tet)
  • 1.10 kg Timothy
  • 1.00 kg White Clover
  • 14.00 kg per acre