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Mixture-B Wetting Agent

Mixture-B is a non-ionic wetter/spreader, which greatly enhances the effect of glyphosate, Every spray operative should keep some handy!

When used it cuts the waxy layer on plant leaves to speed the uptake of glyphosate. It can thus be most useful in a number of ways

  • Enhance uptake to kill difficult weeds such as bracken, Japanese knotweed, brush wood weeds, sow thistles and others
  • Speed up the action of glyphosate to reduce the time it takes to work
  • Speed uptake if rainfall is threatening and ensure the glyphosate works in marginal conditions
  • For “normal” weeds its effect will enhance the effects of glyphosate enough to allow a considerable reduction in application rates and still give excellent results

Application Rate: 2% of spray solution.

Mixture B MSDS

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