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Merit Turf Chafer Grub and Leather Jacket Control – OUT OF STOCK

Merit Turf Insecticide, Chafer Grub and Leather Jacket Control


Merit Turf is a professional insecticide approved for the control of Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets.

Merit Turf works in the following ways:

  • Insects that have ingested or absorbed the imidacloprid suspend normal behaviour.
  • Insects stop feeding immediately and do not survive.
  • The grubs will either be affected by eating the turf roots (where the product has been transported systemically) or by absorption through their outer body.

Merit Turf Areas of Use

  • Golf Courses
  • Bowling Greens
  • Cricket Grounds
  • Housing Areas
  • Parks & Sports Grounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Sports Field
  • Municipal Grounds
  • Commercial Lawns
  • Institutional Lawns
  • Residential Lawns
  • Athletic Fields

Merit Turf Trials:
In trials that have run in the UK over a two year period, Merit Turf on many sites achieved 100% control at 4 months (135 days) and continued this success at 11 months after treatment. These sites often had populations of chafer grubs of over 1,000 per m². Out of the many trials put down an average efficiency of over 80% was seen after 4 months.

Other Benefits of Merit Turf
The active ingredient imidacloprid also produced a 50% increased greening effect and increased the grass vigour by up to 90% in treated areas.

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Application & Instructions

Merit Turf Method of Application
Apply Merit Turf uniformly over the area being treated with normally used granular application equipment. Hand held, drop type and rotary type spreaders may be used to apply Merit Turf. Avoid the use of spreaders that would apply the granule in narrow, concentrated bands. For large scale application, the ATV Merit Applicator is recommended.

Merit Turf Application Timing
Applications should be made prior to anticipated pest infection to achieve optimum levels of control (prior to egg hatch), normally from middle of May to middle of June. Alternatively when identification of damage to turf is seen. This period can normally be anticipated when you see the beetle eggs in the soil. One application per year is needed for chafer grub and leatherjacket control with an application made in late spring/early summer.

Merit Turf Directions for Use
Merit Turf contains 5g/kg imidacloprid as a granular formulation. Merit Turf can be used as an insecticide for control of chafer grubs and leatherjackets on golf courses, bowling greens, athletic fields, commercial and residential lawns and other managed amenity turf situations. The active ingredient in Merit Turf has sufficient residual activity so that applications should be made prior to the egg laying activities of the target pests. Do not apply Merit Turf when it is raining or in windy conditions.

Merit Turf Operator Safety
Merit Turf is a NON-anticholinesterase / organophosphorous compound. It offers very low risk to operators and nontarget organisms. Merit Turf has been registered in the US under the same name since 1994 as a low risk insecticide.

Active Ingredient: 5g/kg imidacloprid.
Merit Turf Pack Coverage: 5kg pack covers 1,667m²

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