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Greenleaf Root Rain

With drought stress being one of the biggest contributors to high mortality rates within the first few years for transplanted trees water is vital for tree growth.

Root Rain Metro

Root Rain Metro waterers are probably the most cost effective tree irrigators on the market. Simple but extremely effective, the Root Rain Metro range comes in sizes to suit all tree planting applications.

Pipe diameter: 35mm

Root Rain Precinct

This is designed specifically for locations requiring a permanent irrigation/aeration solution. The Root Rain Precinct features a heavy cast aluminium inlet with a lift swivel vented cap. It is ideal for setting in paved surrounds, tree grills etc. It incorporates an aluminium tee section and 60mm distributor circuit for fast watering.

Specification: 100mm Diameter cast inlet, circuit 60mm diameter.

Root Rain Civic

The root rain civic is a well proven large capacity watering system popular with contractors and architects who like its ease of installation and the ability to cope with fast watering. Using the same tee section as the Precinct, the Civic features aluminium, powder coated inlet with vented cap on a retainer chain.

Specification: 80mm aluminium inlet, circuit 60mm diameter.

Root Rain Urban

The Root Rain Urban is a large capacity irrigation system with a fixed non removable grid type inlet to allow water and air through but preventing ingress of litter and debris. The Urban has been designed as a general purpose, large capacity watering system, particularly suited to parklands and roadside verge tree planting. The inlets are strimmer resistant and can be set below mowing machine height. It comprises a plastic tee section, perforated riser and push fit reducer inlet. The irrigation circuit is 60mm PE pipe in a choice of lengths to suit tree pit size. The inlet is moulded from polyethylene and forms a fixed, inset grid designed for ease of watering. When installed this is the only visible part on the surface. This system is east to install and very cost effective for larger scale planting schemes.

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