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Grass Germination Sheet

We are able to offer 3 Grass Germination sheets, manufactured by Tildenet, which offer many benefits to newly seeded areas. Whatever the end use may be there is a Grass Germination Sheet for your purpose.


  • Saves on Seed & Labour
  • Speeds up germination for faster growth
  • Extends re-seeding periods
  • Gives uniform grass coverage
  • Protects seed from wind, birds, frost, scorching
  • Retains ground moisture

Available Sizes:
Economy/Lightweight: 2m x 250m, 4m x 250m, 8.5m x 250m, 12.8m x 250m Rolls
Heavy duty with plain finish: 3.66m x 5m, 3.66m x 100m Rolls
Heavy duty with tapered edges and brass eyelets: 3.66m x 5m, 3.66m x 23m, 7.2m x 37.5m Rolls

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