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GP-Flex is one of the most robust and reliable solutions for protecting grassed areas from pedestrian and vehicle damage.

GP-Flex is available in three grades:
1000 gram Sq.M
1400 gram Sq.M
1800 gram Sq.M

GP-Flex mesh is slip resistant and flexible and quick to install.

1000g – Suitable for pedestrian, wheelchair access and the occasional car use – for example an overflow car park or temporary access area.
1400g – Suitable for use of light commercial vehicles, caravans and 4×4’s
1800g – Suitable for occasional use by HGV’s and access routes for fire engines and refuse trucks.GP Flex 2

The above list is just for guidance and it is recommended that you contact the sales team for the best advice for the surface you are looking at covering.
In all cases though, it is advised that the ground should be well drained and firm but the individual ground conditions will determine the suitability of the grass protecting mesh.

U-Pins (25 pins)
U-Pins (100 pins)

J-Pins (100 pins)

Recommendations (Approx):
25 pins per roll (1m x 10m)
100 pins per roll (2m x 20m)

Parking Markers:
these can be pushed through the mesh into the ground, they are highly visable markers which help the driver to see the location of the parking bay.
Size & Material : 100mm / white PPPOA-button

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