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Dual Purpose Grass Seed Mix

Dual Purpose Meadow Grass Seed Mix, Mixture

A highly rated and productive long term (5 to 7 years) dual purpose ley mix that includes a quality white clover blend, perfect for a range of livestock situations. Also gives exceptional high sugar silage, plus high digestible aftermaths. If required this mix can also be supplied without the white clover content enabling efficient broadleaf weed control after establishment.

  • 3.50 kg Intermediate PRG (dip)
  • 1.00 kg Intermediate PRG (tet)
  • 2.50 kg Intermediate PRG (tet)
  • 3.00 kg Late PRG (dip)
  • 3.00 kg Late PRG (tet)
  • 0.25 kg Timothy
  • 0.75 kg White Clover Blend
  • 14.00 kg per acre