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Woven & Spun Bonded Polypropylene

These can be supplied on various roll sizes and pre-cut squares. UV stability enables polypropylene to be effective for up to 3 years in spun bonded and 5 years for woven. Each allows free flow of air, water and nutrients. Puncture and tear resistant, polypropylene gives excellent weed suppression. Woven polypropylene squares Manufactured from (1200 More Info »
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Spun Bonded Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric when used in conjunction with mulch or wood chip, helps to prevent weed growt, resulting in less weeding. This product is ideal for use in flower beds, embankments and under timber decking but it also prevents loss of mulch or wood chips getting into the soil. More Info »
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Phoenix ‘Ecotex’ Mulchmat Squares and Rolls

An organic weed suppression fabric which fully breaks down into nutritious matter over 4-5 years, leaving no synthetic residues.Phoenix ‘Ecotex’ creates an ideal environment beneficial to rapid and healthy plant growth. Visually pleasing, the subtle brown colour blends well with surrounding areas, particularly useful on sloping sites where loose dressings such as Bark are impractical More Info »
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Jute & Hybrid Jute

Bio-Degradeable materials provide an environmentally friendly solution for mulching in either pre-cut mats 50cm square, 1m square or 1m x 25m Rolls More Info »
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Eco-Mat is made from 100% Biodegradable Jute and photodegradable Jute with a polyethylene backing. This is ideal for providing protection along hedgerows, new plantings and soil stabilisation. More Info »
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Coir Mulch Mats

Coir mulch mats offer greater long term protection against existing and future weed and grass growth and will improve long term soil quality. More Info »
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