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Turfprotecta - Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turfprotecta is a lightweight polyethylene mesh. It is best suited to occasional light vehicular or pedestrian use. It is simple to install; just unroll and fix it with steel pins or plastic pegs. The grass is allowed to grow through the mesh apertures. It can be used on existing turf or for installation before seeding. More Info »
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Trackguard is a tough reusable mesh panel which is designed to protect grassed areas from damage by heavy vehicles. It is ideally suited for providing access to construction sites or for areas such as caravan parks. Trackguard provides extra grip for both wheeled and tracked vehicles. More Info »
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TR-Flex - Turf Reinforcement Mesh

TR-Flex is a lightweight flexible mesh which can be used for many applications such as lawn protection, embankment stabilisation and anti-ball plugging on Golf ranges. It can be used in construction of new turf areas or installed onto existing turf. More Info »
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Rubber Matting

Rubber matting provides a friendly, non slip surface that is also able to absorb impact. These rubber mats are made from recycled rubber and are ideal for walkways and bridges when they become slippery, Wheelchair access ramps as well as children’s play areas. More Info »
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This is a heavy duty mesh which then has a non-woven geotextile attached. GrassTrack is ideal for creating a temporary surface over grass for wheelchair access or pedestrian use, but can also be used for vehicles such as cars and vans. GrassTrack is very easy to install, you just lay it directly onto the surface More Info »
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GrassProtecta - Turf Reinforcement Mesh

GrassProtecta is an improved polyethylene mesh for reinforcing grassed areas. The oscillated mesh structure has been designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard type meshes. It is Ideal for use on grass car parks, disabled access routes, light aircraft taxiways, equestrian surfaces etc. GrassProtecta can be fixed with steel pins or plastic pegs. Large marker pegs are available for marking out car spaces, pedestrian routes etc. More Info »
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Grass Germination Sheet

We are able to offer 3 Grass Germination sheets, manufactured by Tildenet, which offer many benefits to newly seeded areas. Whatever the end use may be there is a Grass Germination Sheet for your purpose. More Info »
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GP-Flex is one of the most robust and reliable solutions for protecting grassed areas from pedestrian and vehicle damage. GP-Flex mesh is slip resistant and flexible and quick to install. More Info »
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BodMat is a newly introduced flexible surface reinforcement product. This environmentally friendly, slip resistant product is easily installed by pinning in place, or for indoor areas by simple surface laying. Developed for both human & animal traffic, BodMat can be cut to size & shape to fit. Wherever a water pervious, enhanced grip walkway access is required, Bodmat is the solution. More Info »
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