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Willow Revetments

Live willow revetments are ideally suited to large river channels and can provide riverbank stability with high biodiversity value More Info »
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Water Vole Fencing

Water vole fencing is by far the most cost effecient, sustainable and durable on the market. Highly regarded by many ecologists as the most effective water vole barrier being used in mitigation, no other panel is designed to offer the same level of exclusion. Herpetosure water vole fencing has been used by developers, contractors and conservation bodies, including the RSPB More Info »
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Toad Fencing

Toad fencing is manufactured to the same specification as Herpetosure's newt and slow worm fencing. Although few toad species have the same level of protection as Great crested newts, Herpetosure toad fencing is often installed along road sides in areas known as toad crossings; at certain times of the year vast numbers of toad species migrate acraoss roads to breeding ponds, so to prevent damage to toad populations Herpetosure toad fencing is used to direct toads through culverts under the road. More Info »
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Terra Tubes (sediment filtration tubes)

Terra Tubes are the industry's most cost effective water treatment devices. Designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing water flow energy. Terra Tubes are engineered composites of wood fibres, man-made fibres and performance-enhancing polymers, all encased in heavy-duty cylindrical tubes. More Info »
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Snake Fencing

Snake fencing products have been used nuclear power stations, flood alleviation projects and road and rail schemes across the Country. This system is designed to be used in areas where vegetation management is not possible along fence lines and where additional height is needed to prevent snake access. Herpetosure snake fencing has an above ground height of 900mm and panels are supplied in three metre lengths. More Info »
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Shear Stress Turf

Shear Stress Turf, Reinforced TurfShear Stress Turf is a unique pre-vegetated scour solution typically used in areas where forces exerted by water exceed the shear limits of un-vegetated TRM's from day one of installation. Applications include high flow channels, stream banks, shorelines and spillways where rock rip rap, articulated concrete blocks and poured concrete were once the only suitable alternatives for erosion protection. More Info »
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Rock Rolls

Rock rolls are a robust and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are cost-effective revetments that are suitable alternatives to rock rip rap and gabions in many scour applications. More Info »
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Reptile Fencing

Herpetosure reptile fencing is both reusable and recyclable and is designed to be installed very quickly. Herpetosure reptile fencing is guaranteed against UV for 10 years and makes it an ideal choice for use on medium to long term projects. Beige in colour, Herpetosure reptile fencing is less susceptible to expansion and contraction than inferior black colour products on the market. More Info »
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Rat and Mouse Loose Grain Bait

RACO bait is a deadly indoor and outdoor bait which offers full flexibility on the amount needed to be used. The bait is a high grade grain loaded with proven attractants and strong difenacoum poison that mice and rats love. All grain and bait blocks contain a bittering agent which will make it very unpalatable to children and pets. More Info »
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Pre-Baited Rat Stations (6 stations per case)

RACO1051 Prebaited Rat station, bait, killerThe RACO Pre-baited rat station is the first reusable station on the UK market. The bait station is cleverly designed to securely fasten all types of rodent baits and present them attractively to rodents. Safety is paramount and no child or pet can come into contact with the poisons. The bait station is equipped with More Info »
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Pre-Baited Mouse Station (6 stations per case)

RACO1052 Prebaited mouse stations, Mouse Bait, KillerThe Raco Force Pre-baited Mouse Station will attract and control mice very fast and effectively. The secure mouse bait station is uniquely produces with 12 internal securing pins to insure that there is no possibility of the bait being knocked or prised out of the station. More Info »
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One-Way Fencing

One-way fencing is a specifically designed amphibian and reptile fencing system which allows animals to move outside of the construction zone whilst preventing them from re-entering. Herpetosure one-way panels have two bends which when installed creates a fence that sits at a 45 degree angle.This angle coupled with a textured upper panel surface allows reptiles and amphibians to grip and scale the fence to leave the site. More Info »
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Newt & Slow Worm Fencing

Newt fencing is the most widely specified ecological fencing brand. Herpetosure was specifically designed to provide a robust, sustainable and cost effective alternative to traditional timber and membrane newt fence specifications. Herpetosure newt fencing is fire retardant, vandal resistant and produces zero product waste; it has also proven to reduce on-going maintenance costs by up to 98%. Herpetosure newt fencing can be installed far faster than other alternatives and its rigid, self-supporting panel structure means that no stakes are required in its construction. More Info »
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Jute Netting

Jute mesh is one of the most favoured and cost effective environmentally friendly methods of stabilising soil on embankments. Independent trials have consistently shown that more expensive synthetic mats fail to match the environmental benefits of jute mesh as a soil stabilising method. Therefore, unless the erosion forces are harsh or vegetation difficult to establish, jute netting is the best solution for temporary surface protection. More Info »
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Hydroseeding Machinery

Easy Lawn Inc. have been manufacturing high quality hydroturfing machines for over 16 years. Easy Lawn have listened to customers and have consistently improved their designs, keeping in mind to produce the most up to date and advanced systems in the marketplace. Easy Lawn have developed a solid reputation for delivering innovative Hydro Turfing machines that are reliable, require less maintenance and are less costly to purchase. More Info »
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Hydro Mulch 1000 (wood)

Conwed fibres' wood and wood with tack products are ideal choices for critical sites with up to 2:1 slopes. Contractors report that our Thermally Refined™ fibre delivers up to 30% more yield than competitive products. More Info »
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Hydro glue (capping & dust suppressant)

Hydro Glue is an eco-safe, powdered co-polymer that when mixed with water delivers temporary to long-term erosion control and dust suppression to any soil or aggregate. More Info »
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Hydro Fert (slow release fertiliser)

Fertiliser; Fertilizer'Greens grade' nutralene based, water soluble fertiliser exclusively designed for Hydroseeding Supplies (UK) for professional hydroseeding applications. More Info »
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Hydro Blanket Bonded Fibre Matrix

Hydro-Blanket BFM provides the best protection on steep slopes at the lowest overall cost in a quick, safe, easy hydraulic application. More Info »
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Habitat Translocation

We specialise in the translocation of entire or fragmented habitats by moving whole ecosystems including both the vegetation and soil elements. Many types of habitat can be moved in this way including reed beds and wetlands, heathland, grasslands and salt marshes. More Info »
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Green Armor System (total erosion control)

As the world's most effective Green-Engineering™ alternative, the GreenArmor System™ offers a more aesthetically pleasing, environmentally superior and cost-efficient means of protecting high-discharge waterways and steep slopes. More Info »
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Floating Reed Islands

Floating Reed islands are bespoke portable floating refuges, which provide instant cover, habitat and protection for fish, invertebrates and mammals. The modular floating frame supports pre-established (vegetated) coir fibre plant pallets. More Info »
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Flexterra High Proformance Flexible Growth Medium

Flexterra for HydroseedingFlexterra® HP-FGM™ (High Performance- Flexible Growth Medium) elevates the near-perfect performance of the original Flexterra FGM to an even higher level. More Info »
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Enviroblend Mulch (wood/paper blend)

Combines 100% Thermally Refined™ wood fibre with the highest quality cellulose in the industry, delivering up to 15% greater yield to contractors versus competitive blend products. More Info »
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Dife Bait Blocks

Dife Bait Blocks, poison, killer, rat, mouse baitRACO Dife Bait Blocks kill rats and mice both indoors and outdoors. A highly attractive and compressed bait block produced with up to 15 different cereals and attractants making irresistible to rodents. The blocks are produced with defined 'nibble edges' that encourage feeding and ensure they eat their lethal dost fast. More Info »
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Coir Rolls

Coir rolls are available unplanted or pre-established with mature native wetland plants. Standard plant mixes are available from stock all year round or specialist mixes can be contract grown to order. Coir rolls and pallets can be an excellent technique for establishing marginal vegetation around lake edges, streams and rivers banks. Coir rolls are cost-effective, organic revetments that can be suitable alternatives to hard revetments in many applications. Pre-established coir rolls are often used for mitigation purposes such as the rapid establishment of water vole habitat. More Info »
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Coir Pallets

Coir pallets are an organic living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. There are a range of specific species mixes for use in all types of water bodies. More Info »
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Coir Netting

100% coir durable high strength mesh for dry slopes, reclamation and lining water channels. Traps and holds soil particles to build up slit or, to enable establishment of mature protective vegetation. (Fixing pins are available). More Info »
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Coir Blanket

100% coir (coconut fibre) biodegradable erosion control blanket, with or without seed. Bound with polypropylene (pp) or jute mesh. Slow decomposition. For long term protection of highly erodible soils, steep slopes, exposed locations, high intensity rainfall, high rates of water run-off, seepage flows and moderate stream flow. (Fixing pins are available). More Info »
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Brushwood Faggots

Faggots and mattresses can be constructed from living or dead material. Hazel faggots use dead wood, whereas willow, can be living or dead material. More Info »
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Brush Harvesting Service for Local Seed

Top News for Our Customers - Obtaining LOCAL ORIGIN SEED  to restore native grasslands  Phoenix Amenity Supplies is KEEPING IT LOCAL by offering Seed  Brush Harvesting as a service to customers. The local seed is collected by brush harvester from a donor site – processed ready for sowing and stored if necessary in approved seed More Info »
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Blue Goo (PAM tackifier)

BLUE GOO is a high quality, photodegradable PAM type tackifier and can be thought of as the glue or the chemical hold of the seeding process. More Info »
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Bio Stimulant (growth hormones)

A concentrated liquid biostimulant formulated to enhance germination, root development and plant establishment. More Info »
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100g Rodent Bait Packs

Raco wholegrain 100g Bait Packs, Rat, Mouse Bait, Poison KillerThe Raco 100g rat and mouse bait packs might be small but they deliver a deadly strong punch. Each pack is filled with highly attractive whole grains coated with a strong attractant that is highly alluring to rodents ensuring fast and effective control. Simply take a RACO bait pack and place securely where rats and mice are feeding, along runways or wherever there are signs of activity and leave the bait pack to do the rest. One bait pack can potentially kill up to 10 mice or 2 rats. More Info »
Price: from £20.75
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