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Rat and Mouse Loose Grain Bait

RACO bait is a deadly indoor and outdoor bait which offers full flexibility on the amount needed to be used. The bait is a high grade grain loaded with proven attractants and strong difenacoum poison that mice and rats love. All grain and bait blocks contain a bittering agent which will make it very unpalatable to children and pets. More Info »
Price: from £34.20
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Pre-Baited Rat Stations (6 stations per case)

RACO1051 Prebaited Rat station, bait, killerThe RACO Pre-baited rat station is the first reusable station on the UK market. The bait station is cleverly designed to securely fasten all types of rodent baits and present them attractively to rodents. Safety is paramount and no child or pet can come into contact with the poisons. The bait station is equipped with More Info »
Price: £97.50

Pre-Baited Mouse Station (6 stations per case)

RACO1052 Prebaited mouse stations, Mouse Bait, KillerThe Raco Force Pre-baited Mouse Station will attract and control mice very fast and effectively. The secure mouse bait station is uniquely produces with 12 internal securing pins to insure that there is no possibility of the bait being knocked or prised out of the station. More Info »
Price: £37.40

Dife Bait Blocks

Dife Bait Blocks, poison, killer, rat, mouse baitRACO Dife Bait Blocks kill rats and mice both indoors and outdoors. A highly attractive and compressed bait block produced with up to 15 different cereals and attractants making irresistible to rodents. The blocks are produced with defined 'nibble edges' that encourage feeding and ensure they eat their lethal dost fast. More Info »
Price: from £36.40
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100g Rodent Bait Packs

Raco wholegrain 100g Bait Packs, Rat, Mouse Bait, Poison KillerThe Raco 100g rat and mouse bait packs might be small but they deliver a deadly strong punch. Each pack is filled with highly attractive whole grains coated with a strong attractant that is highly alluring to rodents ensuring fast and effective control. Simply take a RACO bait pack and place securely where rats and mice are feeding, along runways or wherever there are signs of activity and leave the bait pack to do the rest. One bait pack can potentially kill up to 10 mice or 2 rats. More Info »
Price: from £20.75
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