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Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mix

Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mix, MixtureThis mixture provides a dense hard wearing sward giving many years of grazing. The Creeping Red Fescue content helps to minimise poaching damage. A simple long term grazing ley, suitable for a range of conditions and ideal for returning disturbed areas back to agricultural use after soil works. Will provide grazing for all classes of stock and is suitable for hay and silage production. Once sown it will offer a quality fodder for many years. More Info »
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Permanent Pasture Grass Seed Mix

Permanant Pasture Grass Seed Mix, MixtureAn exceptional hardy and persistent ley mix suited to a minimum 8 to 10 year duration. Packed with top rated diploid perennials to provide a dense bottom to the sward, making this mix ideal for long term grazing with the flexibility to make hay, haylage and silage. Excellent for combined sheep and cattle enterprises. More Info »
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Pasture Renovator Mix

This mix is ideal for overseeding or repairing paddocks and pastures that have been over-grazed or worn. It is also used for filling in bare patches after a wet winter as the mix is quick growing and will allow the area to be restored to its best condition. More Info »
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Natural Meadow and Laminitics Grass Seed Mix

Natural Meadow and Laminitics Grass Seed Mix! from the Phoenix Amenity Paddock and Pasture Grass Seed Range This natural meadow grass seed mix is combined with specific herbs which aim to reduce the risk of laminitis. This seed mixture does not create the bulk but it does provide the vital vitamins and minerals in a More Info »
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Mixed Herbs

natural meadow laminitic mixThis is a mix that can be added to any grazing mixture to enhance the minerals and trace elements. A paddock that is sown with this mix of herbs is best sectioned and then grazed in rotation. More Info »
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General Purpose Grazing Seed Mixture

General purpose grazing mix      From Phoenix Amenity Pony and Paddock Range of Grass Seed Mixtures   General Purpose Grazing Seed Mixture  This seed mixture is suitable for all types of grazing including equine.This is a reliable and well-established combination of grasses to use as a general purpose grazing mix for paddocks and pastures. Suitable for a variety of More Info »
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Gallops & Racecourses Grass Seed Mixture

Gallops & Racecourse MixIdeal mix for an area which is used for exercising or working your horse. This specific mix produces a dense, spingt sward which enables frequent use of the area with minimal damage. More Info »
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Dual Purpose Grass Seed Mix

Dual Purpose Meadow Grass Seed Mix, MixtureA highly rated and productive long term (5 to 7 years) dual purpose ley mix that includes a quality white clover blend, perfect for a range of livestock situations. Also gives exceptional high sugar silage, plus high digestible aftermaths. This mix can also be supplied without the white clover content enabling efficient broadleaf weed control after establishment. More Info »
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Dedicated Grazer Grass Seed Mixture

Dedicated Grazer Seed MixThis mix has a high tetraploid content to allow for greater grazing quality and the encouragement of clover. More Info »
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