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Sportsmaster Renovator Pro Weed, Feed and Moss Killer

Sportsmaster Scotts Everris Renovator ProScotts Sportsmaster Renovator Pro is a triple-action product. As well as providing essential nutrients to promote growth and improve colour, Scotts Renovator Pro contains three selective herbicides giving a useful level of control of common broad-leaved weeds. In addition, contains Iron for the control of moss, and rapid green-up of the turf. More Info »
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Rootgrow Turf Mycorrhizal Fungi

Rootgrow Turf is a turf conditioner with four key components; mycorrhizal fungi, zeolite, natural fertilisers and unique moisture retention. For use where soils can be deficient. Reclamation sites or hostile and infertile soild new to seedlings or plants. Recommended for use in establishing wildflowers on landscaping projects. Also recommended when hydroseeding to aid establishment. More Info »
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Rootgrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi

An organic fungi of UK origin which helps establish the healthy growth of roots on a newly planted tree or shrub. Use dry granules directly onto roots for container grown and rootballed plants or as a root dip for bare root plants. One treatment lasts forever. Easy to use when planting. Transplanting success rates will increase and the plants immediately develop better root systems able to take up more nutrients and with increased drought tolerance. 1 kg will of Rootgrow will do about 250 bare root plants up to 120cm tall or about 60 2 or 3 litre pots. As a general rule More Info »
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Phoenix No.8 Tree and Shrub Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerPhoenix slow release planting fertiliser for use in all new plantings and for dressing of shrub beds and borders. One application per season required, safe for use on all trees and shrubs including high pH rated species. N:P:K - 4:19:10 + 8% Mg More Info »
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Phoenix No.7 Mini-Gran Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerA quality spring/summer fertiliser containing MU technology for extended release throughout a three month growing period. Giving balanced nutrition with added essential and Magnesium for superb results. N:P:K - 16:2:6 + 3% Mg More Info »
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Phoenix No.6 Mini-Gran Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerAn autumn/winter fertiliser which will improve health and appearance of fine turf. Balanced nutrition with ferrous sulphate for moss control and hardening of the grass plant and with a low nitrogen content which will not encourage diseases such as Fusarium Patch. N:P:K - 6:5:10 + 6% Fe More Info »
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Phoenix No.5 Mini-Gran Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerA spring/summer zero phosphate fertiliser with added essential trace elements. Quickly broken down to give rapid uptake of nutrients. With a balanced NK analysis to promote wear-resistant, drought-resistant and disease-resistant turf. N:P:K - 12:0:9 + Mg, Fe More Info »
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Phoenix No.4 Autumn and Winter Outfield Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerAutumn/winter, low nitrogen high potassium for cell and structural growth. For use on sports fields, amenity areas, landfill and reclamation sites. N:P:K - 3:3:12 More Info »
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Phoenix No.3 Outfield Spring and Summer Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerA balanced spring/summer fertiliser for all amenity areas where the application of fertiliser will maintain healthy grass cover which would otherwise be lost through lack of nutrients. N:P:K - 12:3:6 More Info »
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Phoenix No.2 Pre-Seed Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerA quality pre-seeding fertiliser containing both readily available and slow release (8 - 10 Weeks) N, to give seedlings the best possible start. N:P:K - 6:10:8 +2% Mg More Info »
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Phoenix No.1 Pre-Seed Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerA pre-seeding fertiliser for use on soils that already have reasonable nitrogen, phosphate and potassium levels encouraging good root development. N:P:K: 6:9:6 More Info »
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Phoenix Growmore Granular Fertiliser

Fertiliser; FertilizerPhoenix Growmore is a general purpose fertiliser for use all around the garden. This contains a balanced blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K) which are essential for strong, healthy growth. It will also promote beautiful flower growth along with increased yields on fruit and vegetable crops. More Info »
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Hydro Fert (slow release fertiliser)

Fertiliser; Fertilizer'Greens grade' nutralene based, water soluble fertiliser exclusively designed for Hydroseeding Supplies (UK) for professional hydroseeding applications. More Info »
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Everris (Scotts) Sierrablen Flora Tablets and Granular Fertiliser

Everris Scotts Sierrablen Flora TabletsSierrablen Flora Tablets are designed for use around pot grown and field grown trees, shrubs, newly planted stock and other soil grown crops. The granular form can also be used as a top dressing and as a general maintenance dressing. Nutrients are released at the same rate on all soil types, snady soils, reclaimed sites, and coal tips etc. More Info »
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Everris (Scotts) Cleanrun Pro - Weed and Feed Fertiliser

Sportsmaster Scotts Everris Cleanrun ProScotts Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro is a mini-granular compound fertilizer containing three selective herbicides for a combined weed and feed application. The organic based formulation ensures the granules break down in a few days, rather than staying undisturbed on the turf surface for weeks. This results in the nutrients feeding the grass soon after application, as well as reducing the risk of scorch and mower pick-up. More Info »
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