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Wildflower Plugs - Jumbo Size

Jumbo Plug 65cc Tray is 56.5 x 36cm. The depth of each cell is 6.2cm and there are 379 cells to 1Sq.M. Each cell holds 100cc of substrate. These trays are ideal for the production of jumbo wildflower plugs and for stock items used for the coir log industry as the robust, yet manageable pugs More Info »
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Water Vole Fencing

Water vole fencing is by far the most cost effecient, sustainable and durable on the market. Highly regarded by many ecologists as the most effective water vole barrier being used in mitigation, no other panel is designed to offer the same level of exclusion. Herpetosure water vole fencing has been used by developers, contractors and conservation bodies, including the RSPB More Info »
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Toad Fencing

Toad fencing is manufactured to the same specification as Herpetosure's newt and slow worm fencing. Although few toad species have the same level of protection as Great crested newts, Herpetosure toad fencing is often installed along road sides in areas known as toad crossings; at certain times of the year vast numbers of toad species migrate acraoss roads to breeding ponds, so to prevent damage to toad populations Herpetosure toad fencing is used to direct toads through culverts under the road. More Info »
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Snake Fencing

Snake fencing products have been used nuclear power stations, flood alleviation projects and road and rail schemes across the Country. This system is designed to be used in areas where vegetation management is not possible along fence lines and where additional height is needed to prevent snake access. Herpetosure snake fencing has an above ground height of 900mm and panels are supplied in three metre lengths. More Info »
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Reptile Fencing

Herpetosure reptile fencing is both reusable and recyclable and is designed to be installed very quickly. Herpetosure reptile fencing is guaranteed against UV for 10 years and makes it an ideal choice for use on medium to long term projects. Beige in colour, Herpetosure reptile fencing is less susceptible to expansion and contraction than inferior black colour products on the market. More Info »
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One-Way Fencing

One-way fencing is a specifically designed amphibian and reptile fencing system which allows animals to move outside of the construction zone whilst preventing them from re-entering. Herpetosure one-way panels have two bends which when installed creates a fence that sits at a 45 degree angle.This angle coupled with a textured upper panel surface allows reptiles and amphibians to grip and scale the fence to leave the site. More Info »
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Native British Wildflower Plug Plants

Native British Wildflower Plug Plants are available grown in a peat free environment in a purpose built nursery. Chose from 300 Native British species of flora derived from fully known British provenance  - according to the rules of Flora Locale. Seed comes from either our own seed bank or from trusted fellow Flora Locale subscribing More Info »
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Habitat Translocation

We specialise in the translocation of entire or fragmented habitats by moving whole ecosystems including both the vegetation and soil elements. Many types of habitat can be moved in this way including reed beds and wetlands, heathland, grasslands and salt marshes. More Info »
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Conservation Grassland & Golf Roughs Grass Seed Mix *NEW FORMULA 2017*

This mixture is suitable for areas that require the minimal amount of maintenance, and may be cut as little as twice a year and will develop into a low maintenance grass sward. More Info »
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