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Timbrel Selective Herbicide - OUT OF STOCK

Timbrel HerbicideNo longer available ask for alternatives - Developed specifically for use in forestry, woodlands and on non-crop land to selectively remove undesirable weeds without harming grass cover, Timbrel herbicide is a key ingredient in overall vegetation management programmes. More Info »
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Roundup Probiactive 360 Total Herbicide

Round Up 360 HerbicideRoundup Pro Biactive 360 is a foliar applied translocated herbicide developed using a new surfactant system known as Biactivator adjuvant technology. Roundup Pro Biactive has been developed for use on weeds in hard surfaces, amenity vegetation, enclosed waters, natural surfaces which shouldn't bear vegetation, as well as land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas and open waters. More Info »
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Rosate 36 Total Herbicide

Rosate 36 Glyphosate HerbicideRosate 36 is ideal for contract spraying or management of large areas. RouteOne Rosate 36 is a soluble liquid concentrate herbicide for the control of most species of emerged annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds More Info »
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Pistol Total Residual Herbicide

Pistol HerbicidePISTOL® herbicide is a barrier acting non-selective total herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses on soft and gravel surfaces in amenity situations. More Info »
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N-Virol Algae and Moss Killer

N-Virol Moss and Algae KillerHigh performance exterior/interior use concentrated professional algae and moss killer. It is highly soluble in water and contains no acids or bleaches which could damage surfaces on which they are applied. It is an ideal maintenance product for schools, local authorities and commercial premises. It has also been approved by the Health & Safety Executive as both a wood preservative and surface biocide. It can be used on a wide range of hard surfaces including the following:- More Info »
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MMC-Pro - Moss Killer

MMC PRO Moss KillerThe easiest and most effective way to treat and prevent mould, algae and moss on all hard surfaces. No Pressure Washing or Scrubbing Required. Just dilute and apply – end of job. MMC-Pro moss killer is a dynamic combination anti-viral/anti-bacterial disinfectant, fungicide/algaecide and detergent. It kills mould, algae and moss in typically 2-4 days, and More Info »
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Mixture-B Wetting Agent

Mixture-B is a non-ionic wetter/spreader, which greatly enhances the effect of glyphosate, Every spray operative should keep some handy! When used it cuts the waxy layer on plant leaves to speed the uptake of glyphosate. It can thus be most useful in a number of ways More Info »
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Merit Turf Chafer Grub and Leather Jacket Control - OUT OF STOCK

Merit Turf Insecticide, Chafer Grub and Leather Jacket ControlMerit Turf is a professional insecticide approved for the control of Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets. In trials that have run in the UK over a two year period, Merit Turf on many sites achieved 100% control at 4 months (135 days) and continued this success at 11 months after treatment. These sites often had populations of chafer grubs of over 1,000 per m². Out of the many trials put down an average efficiency of over 80% was seen after 4 months. More Info »
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Jewel Herbicide and Mosskiller

Jewel Herbicide and Moss KillerJewel Herbicide & Mosskiller is the first weed and mosskiller on the market. Two powerful herbicides combine to make this product unique. Jewel Herbicide & Mosskiller has a post emergence contact activity with Carfentrazone-ethyl and a systemic activity with Mecoprop-P. It can be used on all turf grass species. More Info »
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Blaster Selective Herbicide

Blaster herbicide is a foliar acting herbicide for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds including NETTLES, DOCKS, THISTLES, BRAMBLES, BROOM and GORSE in amenity grassland. More Info »
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