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ProSeries Hand Held Professional Sprayer

Sprayer Specification: 11.4 Litre and 7.6 Litre tank size, Suitable for smaller applications and 100mm large opening More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® S25 Spray-Pro Spritzer Sprayer

For the convenient and accurate application of weed killers, fungicides, fertilisers and pesticides. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® S15 Spray-Pro Sprayer

The S15 provides the ultimate compact push sprayer technology and is ideal for all garden and smaller landscape area usage. The S15 features Earthway's patented gear pump which is wheel driven via the Earthway high speed gear box and sprays out through a new adjustable height nozzle system. It is a boomless sprayer and is fitted with a wide spray TF-VP nozzle with the capability of spraying in excess of 1.5 metres and as narrow as 60cm. The S15 is the most flexible and versitile of small sprayers. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® C22HD Spreader

The C22HD Professional broadcast spreader brings high technology to push spreaders. The C22HD applies grass seed, fertilizer, and all other types of granular lawn and garden products with ease and efficiency. Using the EarthWay® design and engineered EV-N-SPRED® PRO Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System, the user can infinitely balance the spread pattern based on material size, weight, and flight characteristics. Equipped with the EarthWay® Twin-Tube chassis; the C22HD has a 250lb/113kg load bearing capacity. The heavy-duty axle support system uses a specially engineered material that creates a smooth bearing surface for the axle, and is maintenance free: no oil, no grease, and no problems. The EarthWay® Super-Duty gearbox sets the performance bar so high that no other manufacturer can reach it. From the strength, to the speed, the Super-Duty gearbox is unsurpassed. The C22HD pushes effortlessly over any terrain, even with a full hopper, the solid linkage, 3-position height adjustable ergonomic handle and “T”-Speed lever provide total operator control and comfort. Equipped with a rustproof poly hopper, the C22HD will give years of superior performance, at an affordable price. Add any of the available accessories and the C22HD becomes the premier powder coated 50lb spreader on the market today. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 3400 Hand Spreader

Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 3400 Hand Spreader; Grass Seed; Fertiliser; Ice Melt; RedThe 3400 is an ergonomic hand spreader for use with seed, fertilizer, ice melters, and any granular material. Designed for smaller hands with an integrated scoop design, the 3400 can scoop material out of bags or cans so you don’t need to touch the material you are spreading. With 110 cubic inch capacity, the 3400 makes quick work of spot spreading, or applying ice melt to sidewalks. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 2170 Pro Spreader

2170 earthway chemical spreaderIf you want the value of our Commercial models, but need the performance of our Professional models, your wait is over. The 2170Pro is exactly what you need. With all the features of our Commercial Series 2170 spreaders, but with the added bonus of the EarthWay exclusive EV-N-SPRED® PRO Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System. The EV-N-SPRED® PRO Dual Port technology allows the user to control the balancing of the spread pattern on both the left and right side throwing port to equal the center. This technology makes balancing the spread pattern based on different materials fast and easy. EarthWay is the only manufacturer that has the EV-N-SPRED® technology, and if you need this type of accuracy now it’s available on the 2170Pro. The 2170Pro: Professional Technology at an affordable price. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 2150 Spreader

Looking for a compact Commercial spreader? If you are then 2150 is the answer. The 50lb/23kg capacity poly hopper is ideal for small jobs or in a situation where your storage space is limited. The 3-position height adjustable handle and “T”-Speed lever provide total operator control and comfort for users of different heights. The EV-N-SPRED® 3-hole drop shut-off system ensures an even spread pattern and provides a feathered spreading edge for accurate applications. More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 2130 Winter Range Salt Spreader

Specifically designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt, dry sand and other high volume application products. The 2130 spreader features an extra large hopper, large 33 cm stud type pneumatic tyres on rust proof poly rims and heavy-duty diamond chassis with 80 kg load bearing capacity and 3 position handle. The Ev-n-Spred® High Speed Gearbox is a central part of the top performance spreader More Info »
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Earthway Ev-N-Spread® 2050P Plus Spreader

Excellent for general use, this spreader comes fully assembled with full size folding handles with a comfortable foam grip. The Ev-n-Spred® 2050P is the product of choice for use on smaller and mid-size areas of lawn and fine turf, and is the perfect economy spreader. More Info »
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Chapin ProSeries 62000 Tree and Turf Sprayer

Chapin Proseries 62000 Tree and Turf Chemical SprayerSprayer Specification: Brass lance and trigger, Constant flow valve included and Wide straps with lumbar support and cushioned back padding More Info »
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Chapin ProSeries 61800 Piston Sprayer

chapin 61800 sprayerSprayer Specification: 15 Litre Tank, Comfort Grips and Straps and Easy Pumping More Info »
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