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Blaster Selective Herbicide

Blaster herbicide is a foliar acting herbicide for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds including NETTLES, DOCKS, THISTLES, BRAMBLES, BROOM and GORSE in amenity grassland.

  • The ideal solution for difficult weeds such as nettles, docks and thistles
  • Can be used on all established amenity grassland
  • Also controls some woody weeds
  • Packed in 1 litre containers

Directions For Blaster Herbicide Use: Perennial Weed Control on and Amenity Grassland 2-4 litres/Ha

Overall Blaster Herbicide Application: The timing of the application of BLASTER herbicide is crucial. For good results the product must be applied to actively growing weeds.

Blaster Herbicide Spot Treatments: On grassland where weed populations are too low to justify overall spraying, all the above weeds will be controlled by a spot treatment of 60mls BLASTER herbicide in 10 litres of water. The weeds should be thoroughly whetted with the spray solution but not to run off as this will decrease the activity.

Only use Blaster herbicide on permanent grassland that has been established for at least one year. Do not apply the product overall where clover is an important part of the sward. Clover will be killed by application of Blaster herbicide. Do NOT spray in drought, very hot or very cold conditions.

Occasionally, some yellowing of the sward may be seen following treatment, this is quickly outgrown. Avoid damage and drift onto susceptible crops or waterways. All conifers, especially Pine and Larch are very sensitive to spray drift.

Rainfast:To ensure the actives stick to the target plant we recommend once applied the product is left for a 24hr dry period.

Mowing: Do not mow for at least 3 days following application.


Pack Size: 1 Litre
Application Rate: 2-4L/Ha
Active Ingredient: 240g/L Triclopyr, 60g/L Clopyralid

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